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Flittering by Liacri Flittering :iconliacri:Liacri 0 1
Note to Self
so what if he's seen you
in a swimsuit before that first date—
you're friends after all, friends
who spent summers half a mile
from the big lake
and it would be a crime to be
so close and never
touch the stinging heat
of the sand and the ice
of the fresh lake water
so what if you retrieve the load
you forgot from the dryer
long after it's gone cold
and one thing you miss about
home is the smell of warm laundry
from the dryer downstairs—
when it was done, you sorted out
t-shirts and threw clean socks
at your brother's red hair
so what if you discover a sappy
old love letter long after it ends
and, curled up with a blanket at 1:30 a.m.,
you find yourself feeling a mix of nostalgia,
lament, and largely indifference—
let yourself be and dare to go
out on a limb and ask
yourself new questions, such as
now what?
:iconliacri:Liacri 1 0
Seasons by Liacri Seasons :iconliacri:Liacri 2 2
Winter, Clouds
She talks about her depression like it’s a bad knee: it comes and goes from day to day, and it acts up, but only sometimes, when the weather turns dour. In the winter, I find her among the clouds, dropping snowflakes she saved from last year. She lifts one at a time between forefinger and thumb. They were so beautiful, she says, it would be a pity not to use them again. She paints our reflections in watercolor on frozen ponds and lets them solidify overnight. I watch ice skaters salchow along the curve of her chin. One of them has a knee like hers, she observes from behind my shoulder. She can tell from the landing.
:iconliacri:Liacri 1 0
Elegy for Aramil
When he died, the world
shrank to the dining room table.
Our toys huddled around
his body, its back already arched
in manufactured rigor mortis,
plastic legs no longer standing
for the life they never had
and millimeter eyes forever
glazed over, transfixed and gazing
empty at the ceiling.
The night was over before
we had time
to bury him. I cried on
the way home and wondered
if this was why adults
stopped playing
:iconliacri:Liacri 3 2
No one is ever
told what would
have happened, the lion said,
but I have to wonder
if I had known that if
I had opened the door
you would have come with
me and that we would have discovered
how close we were
to Narnia, would we
have become kings and queens
when we heard
the lion roar?
:iconliacri:Liacri 1 2
Her fingers have pressed trees
into precise, practiced creases,
branched out their long necks
and pushed their bright,
dainty leaves into flight.
Silence and stillness spin them ever
so slowly;
a mere breath
makes them tremble.
They dangle in their quiet world
above, my scarce fraction
of a senbazuru, my calm,
stately companions,
my ever-present paper peace
hovering overhead.
:iconliacri:Liacri 61 30
I have to wonder sometimes if you caught
just a snatch of the Orphean song
on your way past the hall. I admit
that I've omitted most of my other wonderings
until now, but then we don't often get the chance
to talk. As long as I'm admitting things,
I guess I'll confess that I miss the way
you used to reluctantly let the neighbor's cat
nuzzle against your ankles. I also miss
your uncanny ability to neutralize any
lingering uncertainty with your mere presence
and the old jokes you always used to make,
straight-faced, about the dihydrogen monoxide
that's getting into our water. I don't think I
realized how many of my habits had
merged with yours until now, when you're
gone, and I unexpectedly discover myself
doing things that remind me of you, like
turning up the collar of my coat or waiting
for nothing at the window, just watching
the street. While I'm standing there,
I often wonder if you'll be
as I remember when
I finally cross the
wide, foggy
marsh that
:iconliacri:Liacri 4 6
I want to be a child again.
I want to sing as wildly as I run and to bundle myself up when I go outside to play – to play – to throw myself into pretend worlds with all the sureness of my being, to walk over the creek on stick bridges and make forts in the roots of long-fallen trees. I want stuffed animals to breathe and chatter like old friends. I want to laugh over things that are funny for no reason and cry over stupid things like stubbed toes and broken useless treasures and have it be okay.
I want to be small.
I want to sink into the wide warm comforter of the world, to feel it billow up around me and swaddle me in its vastness and sunlight. I want to stand on tiptoe when I hang up my coat and not be able to stretch my arms all the way around my daddy's waist. I want my hands to be too small and bigger ones to wrap around them and lead me home.
Instead, when I step outside, I nearly slip on black ice. I imagine the fog of my breath turning blue from the candy I just at
:iconliacri:Liacri 6 2
Growing Up (a ghazal)
Plastic cup lemonade for a child would play right.
Now I drink tea and hunt for dragons to slay right.
They all wish they had turned left at Albuquerque.
I don't know — is it always so bad to stray right?
Sometimes I try to write poetry after dark,
when it's easier to think there's no one way right.
Long ago, the word sinister meant to the left.
Even then, not all the dexterous would weigh right.
It's hard to decide, especially when we must
differentiate between what is black, grey, right.
I don't always know what I am trying to say,
or if it's even worth saying. That's okay, right?
:iconliacri:Liacri 3 2
Otter Plushie by Liacri Otter Plushie :iconliacri:Liacri 9 0 Uncle Iroh Plushie by Liacri Uncle Iroh Plushie :iconliacri:Liacri 5 7 Edogawa Conan Plushie by Liacri Edogawa Conan Plushie :iconliacri:Liacri 9 0 Tales of Symphonia ID by Liacri Tales of Symphonia ID :iconliacri:Liacri 1 2


The Daily Magnet #365!!!!! by FridgePoetProject The Daily Magnet #365!!!!! :iconfridgepoetproject:FridgePoetProject 228 116
Hope is the Thing With Feathers
Flying is a risky business.
We rely on aluminum and alloys and carbon fibers
and the fail-safes of physics
to keep us afloat,
and all the while
we are sitting, suspended
on potential energy and the providence of the pilots.
Not to mention the security lines
and the baggage claims
and those chairs that are either very comfy or the worst things ever – I can’t decide which
and the overpriced food
and the turbulence that makes you forget
where your stomach actually is.
And for 60% of the flight,
we are falling,
on this controlled descent,
tiptoeing back to solid ground,
trying to touch down with all the grace of a 110,000-pound ballerina,
praying she doesn’t trip and fall.
But I know we’ll be okay.
We have wings of our own –
our hearts are lambently light,
and sometimes I think I’ll fly on love alone,
and if I fall, it will be down into your soft embrace,
the best kind of falling,
the floating freely,
with nothing but the stars whispering in my eyes,
:iconstargirl2791:stargirl2791 7 2
The Daily Magnet #333 by FridgePoetProject The Daily Magnet #333 :iconfridgepoetproject:FridgePoetProject 184 67 The Daily Magnet #328 by FridgePoetProject The Daily Magnet #328 :iconfridgepoetproject:FridgePoetProject 172 70 The Daily Magnet #325 by FridgePoetProject The Daily Magnet #325 :iconfridgepoetproject:FridgePoetProject 150 71 The Daily Magnet #312 by FridgePoetProject The Daily Magnet #312 :iconfridgepoetproject:FridgePoetProject 189 98 The Daily Magnet #300 by FridgePoetProject The Daily Magnet #300 :iconfridgepoetproject:FridgePoetProject 166 110 The Daily Magnet #299 by FridgePoetProject The Daily Magnet #299 :iconfridgepoetproject:FridgePoetProject 111 38 The Daily Magnet #295 by FridgePoetProject The Daily Magnet #295 :iconfridgepoetproject:FridgePoetProject 185 65 The Daily Magnet #279 by FridgePoetProject The Daily Magnet #279 :iconfridgepoetproject:FridgePoetProject 133 54 The Daily Magnet #243 by FridgePoetProject The Daily Magnet #243 :iconfridgepoetproject:FridgePoetProject 87 32 The Daily Magnet #234 by FridgePoetProject The Daily Magnet #234 :iconfridgepoetproject:FridgePoetProject 116 36 The Daily Magnet #232 by FridgePoetProject The Daily Magnet #232 :iconfridgepoetproject:FridgePoetProject 96 41 Rain Wallpaper by zomx Rain Wallpaper :iconzomx:zomx 856 93 The Daily Magnet #203 by FridgePoetProject The Daily Magnet #203 :iconfridgepoetproject:FridgePoetProject 71 61 The Daily Magnet #200 by FridgePoetProject The Daily Magnet #200 :iconfridgepoetproject:FridgePoetProject 90 93
Ever have one of those moments when something that you never expected in a million years whaps you upside the head and you're just left sitting there looking like a goldfish that can't quite comprehend the existence of a world outside its fishbowl?

That would be me right now.

I've been particularly busy lately and so haven't been online much. When I finally had the chance to drop by this afternoon, I certainly didn't expect to find the sudden flood of encouragement and uplifting comments that greeted me. And maybe they're small things — a click of a button or a sentence or two — but they mean quite a lot to me. So thank you. Thank you for supporting me in these little ways. Thank you for featuring my work in your groups, your collections, and as a Daily Deviation. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to stop by this corner of the Internet and read something a stranger wrote once. Thank you for diving into it, letting yourself feel along with it, and telling me about it.

I hope what you found here has blessed you in some small way, and I look forward to discovering all that you've created and whatever we all create next.


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Writer. Reader. Sewer. Gamer. Musician. Christian. Human being. Not actually a cat. Actually drinking tea.

Other places my creative works and I appear around the Internet include FanFiction.Net under the username Lucea and AO3 under the username Renekaris (expect overlap between the two).

Thanks for stopping by.


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